XPLAN Solutions to fire up your advice practice

Ignition Wealth’s XPLAN Consultancy can customise your XPLAN software to bring your own advice vision to life.

There’s a reason XPLAN is the most popular financial planning software in Australia. It offers all the tools and capabilities you need to run your practice at optimum efficiency.

That’s if you’re using it properly; unfortunately many advice practices are not.

The truth is, without expert customisation, you’re probably not getting the most from your license fees.

Customised solutions that give you the best XPLAN has to offer

Our customisation experts know exactly what’s possible and how to make sure XPLAN’s capabilities are applied to suit the way you work, your specialities and your clientele.

That means you don’t have to accept someone else’s advice vision. You can adopt a best practice model that’s unique to your own firm.

Ignition Wealth’s premier service, Ignition Next encompasses all XPLAN’s modules and supports delivery of traditional advice, digital advice, or both, with easy integration with our own Ignition Money digital advice solution.

XPlan Solutions at Your Fingertips

  • No Upfront Fee
  • Customisable
  • Managed

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Support, service and training to keep you on top of your XPLAN game

As well as customisation, we also offer a full range of XPLAN services delivered by experts. That includes on-call technical advice and our data integrity service to optimise the accuracy of your data, and the quality of your advice.

For you, it means no more time and money wasted on temporary workarounds or breaks in service – and that you know you’re getting the full value from your XPLAN investment.

Our packages are modular, ranging from a traditional components including CORE and PRO through to our complete Ignition Next solution including our digital financial advice options, depending on your needs.

XPLAN support packages are available from $70 per month.

Our XPLAN solutions help you deliver clear, compliant and comprehensive advice – fast.


Our CORE package delivers the features and functions advice practices need to give holistic and comprehensive advice.

The CORE advice document suite is goal centric, multi-strategy and multi-entity. A library of over 115 strategies enables you to complete professional advice faster, with less editing than ever before.

It also provides for integrated video conferencing for up to eight clients at once.

CORE includes:

  • The advice wizard
  • 115+ strategy library
  • Smart fact finder (includes reverse fact find)
  • Risk profiler
  • Video conferencing
  • Training video library
  • Dedicated support helpdesk


The PRO package includes all the features of CORE, plus formatted letter and email templates, additional advice wizards and advice presentation slides.

This option enables you not only to search and deliver advice, but to present it to your clients professionally, consistently and with ease.

PRO includes:

  • Includes CORE… plus
  • Advice request (paraplanning) wizard
  • FDS reporting and Opt In
  • Welcome letters  
  • Email templates
  • Client and portfolio reporting
  • Traditional advice tasks and threads
  • Advice presentation slides

Click here to arrange a demonstration to see how your advice practice would benefit from Ignition XPLAN Solutions, or call 1300 656 924.

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XPLAN Managed Services for cost-effective outsourcing

XPLAN is a market leading software that delivers measurable benefits that increase exponentially when it’s properly installed, configured, customised and maintained.

Our XPLAN Managed Service is a specialist outsource service that supports and manages your XPLAN investment, at a fraction of the cost of employing a specialised tech resource – or trying to do it yourself.

One of the biggest challenges faced by any growing advice business is how to build the right framework to support growth. A successful framework must be scalable. Otherwise, growth in the front office will be matched by growth in the back office, effectively cancelling out any growth in profit.

Our XPLAN Managed Service is a best practice service that offers a range of features and benefits:

  • Site administration
  • Data feed setup and support
  • Commpay support and maintenance
  • Bug fixing
  • Upgrade management and testing
  • Customised to meet your specific business processes
  • Technical support to deliver and maintain regulatory integrity
  • Working with your internal team to create process synergies
  • Custom training solutions
  • Designed to work in your XPLAN site
  • … with change management included

One Advice Wizard to rule them all

Our Advice Wizard is the all-in-one solution that is the only advice template you’ll ever need.

Using multiple wizards complicates the advice process, takes unnecessary time and resources, calls for excessive printing and editing and opens the door to mistakes and oversights.

Our Advice Wizard:

  • keeps multiple templates updated
  • reduces staff training for multiple wizards and templates
  • reduces post-merge editing dramatically

Our Wizard generates a multi-entity SoA that fully integrates with XPLAN’s key modules. It takes away the pain, risk and wasted resources of using more than one wizard.

Simply choose the options you need, and our Wizard will do the rest.

Functionality includes:

  • Scenario based
  • Multi-entity
  • Multi-strategy (more than 115 strategies)
  • Full advice SoA
  • SMSF SoA
  • Risk only SoA
  • Strategy only SoA
  • Dynamic wizard help
  • Integrated XTOOLS+, risk researcher, wealth solver and IPS
  • XPLAN Prime compatible
  • Customisable to suit the nuance of your business

… and more

Boost data integrity with our Fact Find tool

A key source of success for any advice practice is data. The more you have, and the more accurate it is, the better your ability not only to provide quality advice, but to grow your business through targeted, relevant communications and timely engagement.

Accurate data is also a vital element in achieving compliance and getting the most from your digital and online tools.

That’s the upside.

The downside is that inaccurate, duplicated, old or decayed data can deliver exactly the opposite: loss of clients, lack of engagement, loss of business opportunities and failures in compliance.

That’s where our Fact Find tool comes in.

It’s a clever data collection tool that enables you to operate under a best practice methodology, removing duplicate data entry and improving data integrity. It can be used on PC or Tablet to create, then add to, uniform and consistent client records.

The Fact Find features:

  • Multi-entity capability (dynamically adjusts for different entity types)
  • Integrates with risk profiler
  • Pre-populated by info already in XPLAN
  • Smart enough to add extra space where needed
  • Can be printed and completed by hand
Priority One Assist to fix your customisation emergencies

If yours is like many advice firms, you may have been using XPLAN without the benefit of full optimisation or customisation. In some cases, your SoA template requires time consuming workarounds because you don’t have the expert on hand to fix it.

That’s where Priority One Assist comes in. Our team includes some of the most talented XPLAN coders and designers in Australia.

They can help you resolve:

  • Migration and integration issues
  • Updating templates for regulatory changes
  • Data integrity or duplicate issues
  • Broken template since a recent upgrade
  • Tables not displaying the way you prefer
  • Client data issues
  • Data feed problems
  • FDS reporting problems

How does Priority One Assist work?

For a small membership fee, you have the experts on hand to help you when you need it most. Minimum membership starts from $70 per month and entitles your firm to expert technical support on your XPLAN site to enhance the experience for your users.