Advice solutions

Start servicing more clients, faster and better with our automated plug-in solution that manages risk, saves time and cost, expands client reach and increases client satisfaction.

With compliance assured, we can support you every step of the way, from cleansing your database, to identifying classes of clients, supporting client communication and more. And we go way beyond an “out-of-the-box” solution – our team of in-house expert Business Development Managers is on site and available to give you the in-person, phone or email support you need.

As well as essential regulatory compliance, we can tailor your financial advice technology to support particular licensee requirements.
That includes:

  • automated in-depth fact-find, scoping and disclosure
  • generating compliant SoAs
  • providing online FSGs, Privacy Statements and Terms & Conditions
  • populating Fee Disclosure Statements to meet Opt-In requirements
  • automatic referral to face-to-face advice for special requests and complex requirements

Fire up your advice practice from a $2,400 per annum

Integration solutions

Our digital advice solution offers full XPLAN integration, support and consulting that enables advice firms to offer both automated and full service advice.

It’s one easy, affordable step that helps your firm better leverage technology and become robo-ready without having to learn – or pay for – an entire new system. Instead, you can continue in the familiar, trusted XPLAN environment – and provide robo-advice via our add-on XPLAN solution.

Fire up your digital advice journey without changing the way you do business

Accounting-specific solutions

Our accounting-specific solutions offer the range of functions you need to deliver compliant SMSF-related services – or go further, should you want to expand your practice. You can use our AFSL or your own, and we offer full white labelling, so you’ll always operate under your own brand. With our automated SMSF advice tools, you can seamlessly offer clients full information about their trustee responsibilities, risk and return profiles and SMSF running costs, ensuring you meet BID compliance and appropriate diversification requirements beyond property and cash.

Fire up your professional future with more services for more clients

Member engagement solutions

Our digital member engagement tools help you add value and build positive long term relationships with members, helping them in making the connection they need to understand how their super statement and investment choices affect their financial futures. Using our tools and calculators, you can help members make the connections they need to take super personally.

Fire up your engagement and advice capability so you can reach every member

Investment solutions

The best financial advice recognises and responds to the different needs and circumstances of individuals. It shows them how best to use their assets to achieve their personal financial goals. That may be through digital financial advice; through traditional advice or, often, a combination of both.

We offer a range of goals-based investment options developed by the Ignition Wealth Investment Committee to meet these different needs. Supported by SIResearch and rated by major agencies such as Lonsec, we invite you to include these options on your APL. They span lower balance options and passive ETF-based approaches through to more complex active options and those designed to suit the needs of High Net Worth individuals.

Fire up the financial futures of your clients and help them achieve their personal goals