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One of the key challenges facing advisers and accountants with SMSF clients is providing compliant SMSF advice, at scale. Recent changes to licensing and regulatory requirements have added further to that challenge.

For some, these changes have not only cut off SMSF business opportunities, they have also significantly increased the risk of breaches that attract serious penalties – and can put the future of an entire firm at risk.

That’s where our online SMSF Solutions come in. They help ensure the compliance of your advice, improve the financial future of your clients and supports your firm in growing its SMSF business.

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Introducing the Ignition Wealth
SMSF Appropriateness Guide

Our new online SMSF Appropriateness Guide  is the affordable, workable and compliant answer to the question of ensuring SMSF appropriateness, at scale. It goes beyond the “shopping trolley” approach of some other online solutions to ensure genuine compliance that exceeds regulatory guidance.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use, our solution works seamlessly with any other financial platform or technology, offering you confidence in compliance for a low one-off cost. You retain the clients and stay front and centre of the relationship. We simply deal with the SMSF advice component.

Our solution is the natural compliment to any advice or accounting firm.

Contact us for a demonstration to see how your advice or accountancy practice would benefit from our SMSF Solutions, or call 1300 656 924.

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For AFSL holders

Our SMSF solution offers a cost effective process at a price-point that is more favourable than the time consuming and manual administration delivered traditionally.

For non-AFSL holders

Such as accountants, our SMSF solution is an important service that maintains your primary relationship status and lets you get on with the job of administrating the SMSF.

Securing your compliance at every stage, from licensing to acting in your client’s best interest

The Ignition Wealth SMSF Service is an online compliance solution that starts at the very beginning of the SMSF journey. Simply refer your clients to the SMSF Service and Ignition Wealth handles the rest.

Step one

Discuss the SMSF Service with your client including benefits and costs. The service helps your client properly determine whether an SMSF is appropriate for them, before they establish one. Invite your client to the secure online service allowing them to commence their advice journey.

Step two

Working either with you, or in their own time, our online service does far more than ask a few questions about their financial position. It also takes your clients through what they need to know about their responsibilities and obligations as an SMSF trustee.

Step three

The online service will make an instant recommendation and advise next steps. You have full transparency about where your client is in the journey, and every step is automatically and fully documented. This is delivered by a engaging and compliant manner that meets regulatory guidance. This helps to ensure the integrity of the advice, improve the financial future of your client and assists with the success of your firm by managing and growing its SMSF business.

Keeping your business at the centre where you belong

The Ignition Wealth SMSF Service lets you control and monitor your client’s experience in line with their needs – and yours. Self-directed clients can move through the service in their own time. For other clients, you can work through the service together. You can see your clients’ progress at any time.

When your client visits the SMSF Service, it includes your business name and logo. For accountants, Ignition Wealth as the provider of licensed SMSF-related advice. That keeps your business at the forefront of the process. For AFSL holders, your branding and licensing details are the dominant presence.

Benefits for your business and for your clients

Giving SMSF clients the service and advice they need – the way they want to receive it

Clients want and expect to deal with their service providers in a range of ways. Our Guide is unique in the industry because it offers a blend of online and personalised contact that ensures clients get the level of advice and attention they need. They can “click-to-talk” to an SMSF advice specialist at any time in the process.

Always up-to-date

Our Guide doesn’t stop at licensing and appropriateness. It also constantly references the best and most up-to-date advice regarding SMSFs from ASIC and the ATO. It is then updated in line with any relevant changes – automatically. You can be confident of being compliant every time you or one of your clients uses the Ignition Wealth SMSF Service.

When SMSF appropriateness means saying ‘no’

Importantly, if our SMSF Solution finds your client should not consider setting up an SMSF right now, they have the opportunity to review the reasons and speak with an SMSF adviser. That includes about areas a client might want to address before considering an SMSF again.

Positioning you and your firm for a bigger, brighter future

Business models, regulation and legislation, technology, consumer expectations, demographics have all changed recently and will continue to do so, with deep ramifications for your business.

The Ignition Wealth SMSF Service will support your business both today and tomorrow. The service has been developed to form an integral part of the new, faster and more varied services that clients now expect.

The service is ideally suited to evolving business models and supports the next generation of clients looking for greater control, visibility and simplicity in managing their wealth. That includes lower cost online advice through to the complex face-to-face requirements of high net worth clients, and all points in between.

Watch our SMSF advice for accountants webinar 

Join Ignition Wealth’s Richard Liverpool and industry expert Kath Bowler as Kath clarifies what accountants can or cannot do when their clients want to talk SMSFs.

With two decades of experience and as CEO of Licensing for Accountants Kath is a source of valuable advice.

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The Accountant’s Guide For SMSF Compliance, includes an essential 10-point checklist.

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