Ignition Advice Services

Create an excellent user experience, individually tailored to your customers’ needs, with Ignition Advice as your digital technology partner. We share our industry trend and future forecasting knowledge, allowing you to create a market leading user experience.

The Ignition Advice technology suite of innovative and evolving customer engagement and digital financial advice software is designed to build your business by delivering real benefits to your customers. We provide solutions to the challenges of acquisition, engagement and retention, driving sales, supporting distribution channels and capturing vital valuable data to inform and empower your future product development.

Utilise a digital advice solution to provide scalable services at accessible rates to more clients

Target digital offers and services to specific client segments based on their habits and preferences for a hyper personalised user experience

Advanced data management and analytics deliver insight and understanding of your customers’ needs

Build and rebuild trust, demonstrating value and personalised care with every interaction

You choose how you work with us. Ignition Advice provides a variety of service packages to meet the needs of your business.

The Quick Start package allows your business to deliver digital financial advice journeys including goals-based and wellness solutions, engagement calculators and customer health and education. The Essential package gives your customers all of this as well as a suite of advice and decision support journeys. Businesses that engage with us on an Unlimited package are also provided with dedicated hosting (AWS) and unlimited document generation.

We work with you in clearly pre-defined phases ensuring that you have full visibility over the process, timeline and costs. Discovery and scoping are vital components of the Ignition Advice process and deliver real business value as we help you to clearly identify the technology solutions that will add the greatest value to your business and your customers’ experiences.

The initial Ignition Advice discovery workshop allows us to work together to jointly define the objectives that are most important to your business, your key initiatives and how we will measure success. We learn about your data capabilities and insights and the people at the heart of everything we do, your unique customer cohort.

During the scoping phase we work with you on a deep learning project to define your customer target segments and personas, user data and information needs, the solution architecture epics, design and delivery sequence.

With discovery and scoping complete, the implementation phase gets underway, typically taking from six to twelve months. This stage sees your software solution developed and executed, through iterations of planning to testing, user story elaboration, integration, backlog grooming, warranty support and launch preparation.

Once your Ignition Advice solution is live, we work with you to conduct an in depth stakeholder assessment, team feedback workshop and full analysis of the benefits to your business. This is all presented to you in a post implementation review report.

Join your customers at every stage of their financial lives

At Ignition Advice we believe in supporting your customers through every stage of their financial lives. Engaging your customers early and often in a truly customer-centric process builds a strong relationship, increases trust and dramatically reduces churn. Every one of your customers is unique, and each one of their needs change many times in a lifetime. To reflect these unique and changing needs and provide a hyper-personalised customer experience, Ignition Advice provides a selection of digital journeys, allowing your customers to select the support they need, when they need it.

Foundation journeys support your customers in ensuring that they have the basics of financial well-being covered. Help your customers start their financial lives on the right track with digital engagement solutions to make ends meet, save their first $1000, get rid of bad debt and save for a rainy day.

Once your customers have the basics covered, our insurance technology suite allows you to help them to protect their financial lifestyle. Help them to safeguard their way of life with software to guide them through insurance affordability, mortgage protection, consolidated protection, trauma, critical illness, total and permanent disability and income protection.

Customers of any age can consider their retirement planning options, and the earlier the better. Our retirement savings solutions include pension contribution and transition to retirement digital journeys to make sure your customers are well informed about their retirement future.

Pre-retirement and retired customers are supported with easy to use digital journeys including solutions to calculate their guaranteed income, government pension, flexible income and ways to optimise their retirement income.

Ignition Advice continues to develop and innovate, constantly adding new solutions to the variety available to you and your customers.