Retirement and superfunds

Ignition Advice is a retirement and superfund technology solutions expert; highly experienced, we understand the challenges of customer engagement that are facing retirement funds globally today.

We work with you to engage your customers early and often, making you their trusted advice provider throughout their financial lifetime from earning and accumulation, to pre-retirement, retirement and draw down.

We understand retirement

Ignition Advice has always been at the forefront of digital financial advice technology and since our inception we have been providing solutions to some of the world’s largest funds. In the early days, Ignition Advice worked with Australian industry superfunds (retirement funds) to provide tools and calculators.

Today we provide a variety of pre-retirement and retirement technology journeys, along with foundation and insurance journeys, to retirement funds around the world.

69% of consumers want their entire financial lifecycle on digital channels


Key challenges in retirement services

A solution for 1.5 million+ pre-retirees

Who: A large Australian superfund

Situation: In the competitive Australian superfund market, low member engagement is a common problem.

Impact: Our client was experiencing low member retention rates and a high switch rate.

Resolution: Ignition’s professional services team worked closely with the superfund to co-create the right member experience, focusing on meaningful goals-based advice to encourage members to engage with their retirement on a personal level.

Result: The superfund now has a solution to reach the long-term disengaged member base and provide scalable value via a digital channel.