Pharmacy Alliance is Australia’s largest independent pharmacy group with 650 members across Australia.

Pharmacy Alliance has a strong proven history of innovative member support through establishing partnerships with other organisations that provide differentiated solutions.

With this in mind, Alliance Family Wealth (AFW) was established by the owners of Pharmacy Alliance, to deliver innovative wealth solutions to its members, their families and their customers.

“One of the key goals of Alliance Family Wealth (AFW) is to investigate and introduce ways to increase the wealth of  Pharmacy Alliance member-owners by increasing their profits. Partnering with Ignition Wealth allows us to also support our members as they grow their wealth through investing, using digital financial advice.”.

Simon Reynolds, Executive Chairman and Pharmacist, Pharmacy Alliance.

Launching in quarter two of 2017, AFW Capital digital financial advice will be powered by Ignition Wealth technology and supported by the Ignition Wealth advice team. Ignition Wealth holds its own AFS License and has successfully been providing tools and calculators to the financial services industry since 2010. The AFW Capital offering will include a customer fact find, risk profile and portfolio matching experience which has been customised to create a user experience tailored to the pharmacists’ unique requirements.  

“Pharmacy Alliance is Australia’s leading pharmacy group with a well-earned reputation for innovation. The establishment of Alliance Family Wealth (AFW) and its AFW Capital solution will allow their members to grow their wealth using our high tech, low cost digital financial advice.”.

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.

Employee and member benefits are becoming increasingly important globally as successful companies recognise their benefits in member and staff attraction and retention and the commensurate reduction in recruitment costs.

“Digital financial advice is a key member and employee benefit now being adopted by the world’s leading companies as they seek to provide attractive and competitive member benefits and salary packaging.”.

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.