Digital financial advice firm Ignition Wealth today announced the appointment of Tom Pockett to the Ignition Wealth Advisory Board.

Mr Pockett, who is Chairman of the Stockland Group and non-executive director of Insurance Australia Group Limited, is the second high calibre director to join Ignition Wealth’s Board following investment banker Peter Meurer’s appointment as Chairman.

Mr Pockett previously served as Finance Director of Woolworths Limited and prior to that he served as Deputy CFO at The Commonwealth Bank Ltd as well as various senior finance roles at Lend Lease Corporation Ltd. Mr Pockett will bring strong operational and strategic experience.

“I look forward to joining Ignition Wealth as it expands the reach of traditional financial advice.”
Tom Pocket, Advisory Board Member, Ignition Wealth.

“The outstanding quality of the financial industry leaders joining the Ignition Wealth team is a reflection of the excellence of the product we are bringing to market.”
Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.

Ignition Wealth’s digital financial advice service, which will be launched later this year, allows customers to automatically implement their recommended portfolios and also provides an avenue to access traditional face­to­face advice. It was recognised as the best robo­-advice service at September’s inaugural Afiniation Fintech Showcase.

The company already has long term relationships with a number of large super funds, which whitelabel the same technology to produce financial calculators, illustrators and advice tools. The robo­-advice market is growing rapidly and is forecast to reach $US5 trillion in assets over the next decade according to a recent report by Citi.