Financial services veteran Barry Lambert continues to drive for an increase in the efficiency of the financial advice industry. Following on from the success of his cloud-based SMSF software company Class Limited, Lambert has recently invested in digital financial advice leader Ignition Wealth.

“I have long believed that the only thing guaranteed in financial advice is the cost. With the ever increasing burden of compliance it is essential that the industry reduces the cost of advice so that it can be made available to the majority rather than the few.”.

Barry Lambert, Investor, Ignition Wealth.

Lambert’s support of the rising ‘robo-advice’ industry stems from the need for a low cost, high efficiency solution.

“Investors are in desperate need of a low cost accumulation and advice vehicle for SMSF and non super advice. Ignition Wealth is such a vehicle. Substantially improved efficiency, along with more direct and low cost ETF investments are the only way to meaningfully reduce the cost to investors of advice.”.

Barry Lambert, Investor, Ignition Wealth.

Lambert advocates that advisers use Ignition Wealth to house and grow C and D financial advice clients and transaction-only clients, until such time as it becomes worthwhile to onboard them as full service clients.

Lambert speaks from his own experience and sees himself as a textbook example of the benefits of establishing an early relationship with prospective clients. He started as a school banking client of the CBA and more than 60 years later is still banking with CBA today.

“Ignition Wealth is the financial adviser’s equivalent of the school banking model with the added advantage that it costs the financial adviser, the beneficiary of Ignition Wealth, nothing and the client very little as the technology automates advice and compliance.”.

Barry Lambert, Investor, Ignition Wealth.

Lambert’s only regret is that cloud-based Ignition Wealth was not available 35 years ago when he began his career as a financial adviser. Lambert makes a welcome addition to the Ignition Wealth fold.

“We are delighted to add Barry Lambert’s extensive experience and financial services industry wisdom to Ignition Wealth. His contribution as an investor and mentor is invaluable.”.

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.



Barry Lambert is a true financial services expert bringing half a century of experience and wisdom to his current role as industry thought leader. Since his first position in Taree’s Commonwealth Bank Lambert has had a hands on approach as he has advanced his career. In 1980 Lambert started Count Financial as an after-hours tax service firm, eventually growing the company into today’s business which boasts the largest network of independent financial planners in Australia.

In 2011 Commonwealth Bank bought Count, paying $373 million. Although claiming semi-retirement today, Lambert firmly maintains his role as an industry leader, holding the position of Chairman with both Countplus and Class Super.  

Lambert is well known for his philanthropic and altruistic financial endeavours. Most notably in 2015 Lambert donated $33.7 million to the University of Sydney, the largest single donation ever received for research by the university.