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Leveraging size and scale to secure mutual advantage and long term success.

If you run a large enterprise, be it a major corporate or a member-based organisation, then you know that size and scale can cut both ways.

On one hand, your employee or member base gives you extraordinary buying power and influence. It can help get the right deals done, the right decisions made and smooth the path to achieve the financial and strategic outcomes you aim for.

On the other hand, there’s what you need deliver in return. If you want your organisation to achieve growth, profitability, influence and other goals, then you need to attract and retain employees or members and actively earn their loyalty and support.

In other words, you need to work both sides of the equation to gain the kind of mutual benefits that will support your organisation and its people – and give it the competitive edge – over the long term.

That’s where Ignition Advice comes in. Our low cost, easy to operate, solutions can deliver your organisation greater loyalty, better retention – even a brand new, self-branded income stream. That includes with a fully-customisable financial workflow that can be adapted to your organisation’s needs.

Building trust and positioning your organisation for growth and profitability
Delivering high value employee and member benefits that set you apart

Ignition Advice’s automated digital financial advice and investment solutions can give your organisation that all-important edge.

Through our solutions, you can give employees or members access to quality financial advice and a range of investments to support their financial goals, while simultaneously creating associated enterprise-wide revenue opportunities.

Whether it’s part of their salary or membership package or an optional extra, or your organisation’s own for-profit branded service line, we can tailor a solution to suit your organisation’s needs.

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Find out how to build trust, reputation and an ongoing revenue stream for your organisation .

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Create your own competitive advantage: reduce churn and attract and retain staff

In an increasingly competitive labour market, meaningful employee benefits form a vital plank in a successful retention strategy. Such benefits reduce the cost and disruption of churn and build your organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice. Offering access to the personal financial advice tools that Ignition Advice can provide through its tailored enterprise-wide solutions represents just such benefit.

A compelling benefit and differentiator for member-based organisations

If you run a member-based organisation, offering tangible benefits to your base has never been greater. In a world of tight margins, shrinking budgets and ever more intense cost benefit scrutiny, the ongoing success of your organisation depends on its ability to continue to offer relevance and value in the services it delivers. Ignition Advice’s financial advice solutions fit the bill.

Build new revenue streams to boost the bottom line and secure the future – including with your own advice brand

With Ignition Advice’s customised enterprise solutions, you work with us to tailor the model and the solution that suits your organisation’s needs. That includes models that give you revenue through distribution and similar arrangements; for-profit models which you can brand as your own using the Ignition AFSL; models you subsidise as part of salary packaging – and all points in between.

And when we say customisable we mean it. As well as setting your own fee structure, you can even choose the currency and language of your own-branded advice solution.

Your choice of customisable advice and investment solutions to suit specific needs – supported by data search and fact find survey

As well as working with you to choose a model that best suits your business, the Ignition Advice Enterprise Solutions team will tailor the type, level and scope of services on offer to suit the needs of your employees or members. That includes running a dedicated fact-find survey to pinpoint key areas of member or employee interest and need. We can also provide access to our own range of investment options to suit different goals, timeframes and risk profiles, or to another choice of investment products and options.