Who to bring in to your business’ support team
Cultivating your team for support as your advice business expands is one of the struggles your business will face.

The team of people who support you must grow to meet the changes in your developing business.

If your team is not expansible, the profits you make will be wasted investing in the wrong support roles.

You should have specialists working with you who are using their own processes and their own set of skills to aid your business. The processes these people use should be put in place to improve your own business operations.

Having a diverse team of people with different skills and roles is important and can help to expand your business in different ways.

These different skill sets and levels of experience are often much more valuable than a team of people with a general set of skills that everyone could have.

For smaller practices, when size is too small to have specialization, merging your resources with other practices can save costs with the benefit of having their varied resources, combined with your own.

Having an issue tracking system which is separate from your email inbox is important. This is to keep up to date with changes you and your team have identified, keeping things separate and organized.

Improving performance is also necessary. You should have your team report issues to you regularly. By having this help, you can be making improvements regularly.

Using software which reflects your vision is essential, though often challenging.

Getting the fundamentals down of who is part of your support framework and what you want to achieve with the help of your team is difficult, but it is the first step to improvement.

Having a clear vision and a diverse team to support you in this process is important so that you can move your business beyond just being ok, to being a thriving and successful business.

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