What is digital advice? CTO Mike Giles shares his customer-centric vision for 2018

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Ignition Wealth’s Co-Founder and CTO Mike Giles joins Implementation Lead Donna Nicklin to discuss what digital advice is and how it works in your business and the consumer-centric model that we advocate as best practice. With more than a decade of experience in the sector we now know as digital financial advice and 30 years experience in fintech Mike brings a unique level of insight.

Digital advice includes engagement and education and scalable, digital solutions. Mike shares his customer-centric vision for best practice, with a clear pathway flowing from customer data analysis, to disturbing the customer, engaging the customer and advising the customer before finally reaching the goal of transacting.

Mike advocates great customer analysis to review and the customer database and segmenting the customer databases. Once that has been thoroughly completed a business can move onto the disturb phase, reaching out to their customers through a series of digital marketing campaigns. When the customer has been successfully disturbed, we can move to engagement with goals based tools and calculators, which allows the client to explore their financial future with ‘what if’ style questions.

From this point a customer who has been successfully disturbed will move into the advice stage where we use a conversational digital experience to deliver personal advice. The goal of the advice process is that the customer moves seamlessly through to a transaction phase and executes an online transaction.

Ignition Wealth has developed a hybrid digital advice model which covers three styles of advice. Self-directed advice is purely digital and the customer completes their end-to-end digital advice experience on line. Adviser-assisted is for those customers who complete some or most of their journey online but at some point require support from an adviser, usually by telephone but it can also be completed via secure online chat. The third style of advice is adviser-led which typically takes place face to face and an adviser guides the customer through the digital advice process, completing it together.

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