Meet the Team – Mike Giles CTO
Passionate about providing solid financial advice for everyone, Ignition Wealth Co-Founder and CTO Mike Giles is considered by many to be the godfather of the Australian fintech industry.

Led by Mike, Ignition Wealth’s digital financial advice sets the benchmark in Australia. Innovations in the past few months alone have seen the addition of XPLAN integration to provide a practical end to end solution from traditional to robo advice, goals-based investing, industry leading superfund work with LINK’s ‘Supermentor’ and a game-changing SMSF appropriateness tool.

“We are proud to say that our solution sets the benchmark for digital financial advice in Australia. As CTO of Ignition Wealth I lead a brilliant team of developers and technicians.”.

Mike Giles, CTO, Ignition Wealth.

Mike has led the industry from its beginning, influencing the once fledgeling industry into becoming the multi-billion dollar behemoth that it is today. Mike’s trailblazing path from his degree to his global business adventures has appeared daring, but brought him to today where he leads Australia’s foremost digital financial advice business.

Throughout his three-decade career, Mike has moved ahead of the wave and often against prevailing trends. His passion remained undimmed through global events including the GFC, which saw funds pulled from fintech and many developers abandon the sector. It is this length of experience and dogmatism of devotion that ensures that Mike’s experience and knowledge surpass other operators.

Mike was one of the very first students to turn his passion for software technology into a vocation, commencing a BSc in Computer Science/Mathematics at the University of Technology Sydney in 1981, in only the second year that the course was offered. From the mid ‘80s Mike has been developing fintech. Running his own businesses since he was 23 years old Mike has challenged traditional working practices in the industry from the beginning of computerisation.

Mike’s earliest work in his first business became the foundation for a broad spectrum of adviser software today. In the ‘90s when India was dismissed by most as a developing country with no financial technology potential, Mike saw and actioned the opportunity to take fintech tools developed in Australia, scale and release them to a mass market in India. Mike continued his revolutionary trajectory, later working in the USA and successfully licensing his next software business and technology to Microsoft.

Mike’s love of mathematics led to a fascination with the calculation of wealth. For many years Mike has been studying major projection models published by ASIC and turning them into calculators that allow the public to easily calculate the figures for themselves. Mike has immersed himself in the processes of the financial services industry. Wherever he sees repetition he seeks to automate, mimicking practises with technology to free up human time for more valuable activities.

Mike leads from the heart of his team, physically positioned in the midst of the open plan office, surrounded by developers. Mike remains firmly hands on, coding and driving excellence in technical development. Mike’s dedication to the fintech community is changing the way advice is delivered forever, ensuring that generation z grow up with the opportunity of a lifetime wealth journey which is affordable and accessible and doubling the number of advised Australians in the decade to come.  

Two of the management team today at Ignition Wealth are longstanding cohorts of Mike’s. Head of Advice, Robert Corben who joined Ignition Wealth in 2016, first worked with Mike at ASGARD in 1997 and they began sharing advice technology ideas and opportunities in 2003. COO Mark Hudson worked for Mike around the world from the UK to India and Australia throughout the 2000s before joining Mike’s latest venture Ignition Wealth in 2015.

“Mike is a true visionary, spruiking the future. Keeping up with Mike is a daily challenge, and we appreciate his patience while the rest of us catch up!”.

Mark Hudson, COO, Ignition Wealth.