Meet the Team – Alan Quinlan, CEO of Ignition Wealth Ireland
Want to get to know the individuals working to provide Ignition Wealth’s solutions?

In this blog series, we will introduce you to our team. Alan Quinlan is the freshly appointed CEO of Ignition Wealth Ireland.

He has held several senior management roles at wealth houses including Australian financial company BT Financial Group and Mercer Ireland, and now he has joined Ignition Wealth for our expansion into Europe.

We asked him eight questions about his work at Ignition Wealth.

1. Why did you make the decision to work for Ignition Wealth?

I had met CTO Mike Giles and CEO Mark Fordree on a number of occasions and after moving back to Ireland in 2016 I realized how much of an opportunity existed in Europe for Ignition Wealth. The rest fell into place quickly after that…

2. What are some of your career highlights/key achievements?

I had a number of challenging and rewarding experiences with Canada Life, Zurich, BT. I’ve most worked in Sales, Sales Management and Strategy.

3. What are you working on right now?

Helping Ignition Wealth Ireland get its first client is our main focus. Once this happens we will gradually build out a local team to support our expansion into other European countries.

4. What do you enjoy about working at Ignition Wealth?

I enjoy the fact that we have a mix off grey hair and youthful talent in the organisation. We have really good capability and overall a good story to tell. Telling that story to the right people at the right time is what will make us successful!

5. What are you looking forward to in 2018?

I’m looking forward to having a deal in place with a large Irish financial institution.

6. What is your favourite piece of tech?

Has to be my iPhone…

7. Any book suggestions?

I’m listening to ‘Sapiens’ at the moment (on Mike’s suggestion) and I’m also reading ‘Nudge’, a really interesting behavioural economics book which I’d highly recommend.

8. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A teacher told me a long time ago that we have two ears and one mouth and I should use them in that proportion. I have found that useful over the years!


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