Intersekt FinTech Festival 2017
Presented by Fintech Australia and Next Money, Australia’s First Fintech Festival Intersekt was held in Melbourne last week.

Running from October 27 to November 3, the Intersekt Festival was a week of fintech events featuring local and international fintechs, corporates and trade delegations. Some of the events were the three-day Hackathon sponsored by NAB, Blockchain Day and the RMIT Fintech Symposium.

A major part of the festival, the Collab/Collide Summit held over the final two days, brought the fintech environment together in one place – from startups to corporates, government and regulators. These events provided fintechs and other attendees with information at panel discussions and arranged various networking opportunities.


Ordinarily, at nation and city fintech events, between ten and forty percent of speakers are females. One of the news pieces about the Intersekt Festival this year is that Intersekt is the first such fintech festival to make a pledge about gender diversity. Their aim was to have an equal number of male and female speakers, hoping to encourage more women into the fintech space. In the end, the festival had 58 percent male and 42 percent female speakers.

2016’s EY Fintech Australia census revealed that just 13 percent of fintech leaders are female. FinTech Australia, aiming to combat this, this year elected six new board members. With the creation of a new award to recognise female fintech leaders, they are working to encourage more women into fintech.

Fintech Australia’s CEO Danielle Szetho was one of the festival’s keynote speakers, talking about Australia becoming a world leader in all things FintTech. The festival’s focus on both male and female speakers meant people such as Emma Weston (CEO and Co-founder of AgriDigital) and Shahirah Gardner (Co-founder of Finch) spoke, and several events and panels were held on Women in Fintech, shining a light on the issues and the successful women in the industry.


Central to FinTech in Australia and abroad, the festival brought the calibre of speakers such as Steven Ji (Partner at Sequoia Capital China), Ron Suber (President of Prosper Marketplace) and Kaarel Kuddi (Head of Product at Transferwise).

Claire Wivell Plater, the Managing Director and majority owner of The Fold Legal, also spoke at the Collab/Collide Summit. Claire is an Ignition Wealth advisory board member. She is a leading legal FinTech expert and spoke on the Regulatory Framework Roundtable about keeping up with rapidly changing technologies in regulation.

You can find a CPD piece written on Ignition Wealth’s behalf by Claire, here.

For more information about the Intersekt Festival, visit the website here.

For more information about Next Money, visit their website here.