How the average person can start investing
Making money through investments isn’t just for the likes of professional stock traders and big-time businessmen.

The every-day Australian is just as capable of making a good profit through investments as anyone else, as long as you have a little guidance to get things started. With today’s technology, investing and accumulating wealth is easier than ever before.

  1. Clear your debt. The first step toward a profitable investment future is getting yourself completely out of debt. Before you put money into an investment fund, you’ll need to have cash available to invest. This means clearing any outstanding debts, and ensuring that your financial position is secure enough to invest. This way, you’ll be able to maximise the money you have.
  2.    Assess your goals. Once you’re debt-free and ready to make some profits, it’s important to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve through your investments. Make a thorough list of all of your financial goals, from saving for retirement to building up enough cash to buy a new home. These can be smaller, more realistic goals, or life-changing ambitions, but it’s important to rank them in order of significance and then adjust your investment strategy in order to suit your aims. You should also talk these plans through with an adviser or broker before making any major decisions, to ensure that the strategy is in line with your goals.
  3.    Consider the risks. All investments require some degree of risk, so consider your tolerance for risk-taking before getting into the game. If you panic at the thought of losing even a tiny percentage of your money, then this may not be the right path for you. In the long-term, though, you’re highly likely to come out on top when investing with proper guidance.
  4.    Speak with an expert. The guidance you need will usually come from a qualified broker and financial adviser. They’ll be able to set up a portfolio for you, consider your personal needs, and point you in the direction of positive investment opportunities.
  5. Get on board with the digital financial future. Thanks to amazing advances in digital technology, getting involved in investment even when you have a smaller amount of money to begin with is simple. Our robo financial advice platform allows Australians to manage their funds from the comfort of their laptop or smartphone, receiving expert advice at the touch of a finger. Contact us today to find out more and begin your wealth-building journey.