Financial planning and financial advisers, according to your clients
The client opinion about the current situation in the financial planning industry is valuable.

It is important that financial advisers know what their clients want and how they feel about what they are getting out of their service.

Sales Force Dot Com (SFDC) are a world and industry leading CRM platform, providing mobile applications for Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and Platform. Salesforce is number one on Forbes’ list of Most Innovative Companies, even placing above the world-renowned Tesla.

Their 2017 Connected Investor Report was conducted earlier this year by Harris Poll. It’s aim was to get a look inside the mind of the modern investor. They talked to over 2,000 American investors about financial planning and the client-adviser relationship – what do people now want out of their financial adviser?

Their 2016 Connected Investor Report surveyed 7,900 adults from across Australia, Canada, France, Japan, U.K. and U.S.

Here were some of their findings:


The Generations

The survey looked at the three generations: Gen X, Baby Boomers and Millennials. Comparing them, they found that across all ages, about half want more collaboration with their financial advisers. Overall, they generally show a great amount of trust in their adviser’s judgement.

Gen X and Baby Boomers tend to think in the long-term, thinking about retirement, while Millennials are geared towards thinking about their more immediate future in their day-to-day expenses.

Millennials are much more open to the use of AI in the adviser process. Adversely, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are much more reluctant.

Financial Advisers

Financial advice is a changing industry, adjusting to fit with the changing needs of their clients. A large percentage of people don’t use a financial adviser at all, with 66% handling their own finances, 11% using a friend/family member and just 3% using a robo-adviser.

Of the 28% who do use a human financial adviser, they are overly positive about the service their financial adviser provides. The 2016 report which surveyed adults from Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, Japan and France, showed much lower numbers of trust. Just 47% of all respondents said they trust their adviser to have their best interests at heart. The 2017 report, which surveyed over 2,000 Amercians, showed that 69% of people trusted their financial adviser, a jump of 22%.

The big question is what leads them to choosing their financial adviser? What makes a financial adviser the right fit for the right client?

83% of Americans use a male financial adviser and the highest percentage (38%) are in their 40s. What is most important to a client, is that they are accessible when needed. Clients need to be able to access their adviser, trust their adviser’s judgement and need to have an understanding with the adviser of what their goals are.

SFDC’s 2017 Connected Investor Report, found here:



AI is also increasingly molding with the financial advice process. More and more financial advisers and planners are using some form of AI in their financial planning firms, but what do their clients think?

According to this report, 47% would use AI for personalised emails, texts etc. related to financial goals, 39% would want financial emails, texts etc. on market changes, 33% for predictions on portfolio performance based on past trends and 28% would want automated investments based on their portfolio.

Just 12% would want customer service chatbots, though for millennials, this figure jumps to 39%. Evidently, AI is increasingly becoming a core part of financial planning and the younger generations are much more willing to try some of the new applications and services companies and startups are beginning to provide.


Americans are overall, very satisfied with their financial adviser (97%). They are generally optimistic about their financial futures, and are comfortable basing it on their financial adviser’s judgement. Most have faith that despite changes and difficulty the market might face, their financial adviser will put their interests first.

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