Ignition Advice technology allows our clients to be at the centre of your customer’s financial lives and to reap the benefits of enriched data. The Ignition Advice team are highly adept at understanding the key global trends and challenges in financial services, and providing solutions that fit your business’ needs.

Ignition Advice delivers customised bank grade SaaS technology. Transform your business through market leading digital advice that lets you deliver high quality, engaging automated financial advice that’s scalable, efficient and always in the best interest of your customer.

Ignition Advice is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, while the growing European business is located in Dublin, Ireland. We understand your local customers’ culture, language, currency and regulatory environment.

Our technology has been built with compliance to regulations at its core and can be updated easily as new regulations are implemented in the rapidly evolving financial services landscape. Your customised solution can be tailored to the exact compliance and risk management measures that your business needs. Ignition Advice has significant global data security and risk management capabilities. The firm holds ISO/IEC27001 certification and is GDPR compliant.

The Ignition Advice difference

We provide solutions to allow you to support your customers to provide added value and drive customer engagement and loyalty. That means we help you to interact with your customers outside of the usual purchase processes, and your customers experience value from much more than the product you are selling.

Goals-based engagement

  • Expand the engagement process beyond the purchase process
  • Bring new offers to the customer and grow the loyalty base
  • Track behavioural and psychological data to inform future strategy

Transparency and insight

  • Ignition Advice algorithms, member goals, values and behaviours inform customer next best actions
  • Increased customer financial knowledge is supported by Ignition Advice content
  • Confident customer purchasing decision making

Data services

  • Enterprise, demographic, benchmark and transactional data create contextual awareness
  • Confident customer financial decision making

Digital and hybrid advice services

  • Robust, compliant advice services deliver customer best interest, covering the eight pillars of financial advice
  • Algorithmic triage ensures complex matters are routed to a financial adviser
  • Seamless integration with fulfillment platforms increases share of wallet
The Ignition Advice Story

Founded in 2008 as AdviceConnect, Ignition Advice has always been at the forefront of digital financial advice, developing the first financial tools and calculators to Australia’s largest retirement funds. In 2015, co founders Mike Giles and Mark Fordree launched Ignition Wealth which in 2018 became Ignition Advice to reflect the firm’s ambition to provide advice for everyone.

In 2017 Alan Quinlan joined the business as CEO, Ignition Advice Ireland and in 2018 Manish Prasad stepped into the global role of CEO, Ignition Advice. Ignition Advice has built a highly skilled global team, attracting personnel based on both capabilities and culture.

Seamless integration

Our API-first strategy aligns with the global move to open banking and digital identity. Our solution integrates seamlessly with enterprise CRMs and can integrate with adviser platforms such as XPLAN

Better financial outcomes

Our goals-based digital financial advice enables your customers to set, manage and track their finances. We support financial inclusion by leveraging our technology to provide low unit cost advice to everyone.

Ignition Advice’s solution can support you in enhancing and engaging with your customers’ financial literacy and financial goals.

Hybrid advice

Deliver your customers market leading hybrid advice to suit their needs and circumstances. From a highly personalised full-digital experience to tailored adviser-led relationships, our solution caters to both the needs of your business operating model and your customers’.

Customer engagement

We provide the solutions to engage your customers with meaningful financial advice experiences. Partner with us to leverage the power of your customer insights.