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Ignition Advice is a world leading Enterprise Grade Digital Advice Platform.

Providing self-serve and adviser assisted engagement tools and advice capabilities for retirement and insurance service providers, banks, fund managers and large scale loyalty programs to provide great advice experiences to your clients and fulfil our mission of improving lives.



How we can help your business

Decision support for consumer financial wellbeing

Engagement and retention

Expand the addressable market

Monetise data

The benefits for you

Ignition Advice enterprise technology reduces churn and increases engagement. We do this by harnessing the power of financial institutions product and data ecosystem to deliver highly personalised, assisted decision-making.

Better understand your customers

Gather more data and learn about your customers’ values and aspirations through our goals based framework.

Increase lifetime value of customers

Retain customers and stand out from your competition using personalised experiences, relevant content and support via a convenient digital channel.

Increase value to business units and partners

Power an uplift in profitability at a low marginal cost by using the power of technology to engage and acquire new business.

How we ensure your risk is mitigated and minimised

With over ten years experience developing and delivering client solutions, we follow a tried and tested methodology to ensure your risk is mitigated and minimised.

Strategic alignment

Before designing your solution we work with you to understand your business vision, objectives and desired outcomes. This ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards the same goal.


We have a dedicated client solutions team who will work closely with you, conducting a series of workshops to co-design the right solution to align with your business’ needs, objectives and outcomes.

Agile solution delivery

Your solution will be developed and delivered following an agile delivery process. This method allows for ‘test and learn’ phases along the way, enabling feedback to be incorporated on a continual basis.

Customer adoption

Personalisation and intuitive features will enable the drive of customer adoption. Our integration capabilities mean that we can utilise existing customer data and insights to provide richer, more relevant experiences.

Awards 2018

Ignition Advice was a finalist in the Banking & Technology Awards 2018 for Best Use of IT in Private Banking / Wealth Management

Ignition Advice was ranked #1 for Innovation and Flexibility in the My Private Banking Global Report in 2018

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How we do it

  • Ignition Advice partners with large enterprise.
  • We apply well researched, goal-based, financial planning principles, powered by customer data and our own independent data and insight which means that advice is personalised to the customer’s needs.
  • Our bank-grade, scaled advice, Software as a Service (SaaS) technology operates within complex ecosystems to bring frictionless experiences to your members.


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